Histo.One for research

beyond pathology

Study design and data analysis design

We help you to plan your experimental design and data analysis strategy in all aspects related to tissue analysis, IHC/IF techniques and pathology. Such consultations, if limited to overall experience sharing and not include image/data processing, we provide at no cost. Just drop us a message and explain your struggle!


Image digital analysis

We help you to perform tissue image analysis by guiding you in establishing image analysis pipelines using most open-source software. On demand, we can develop an image analysis pipeline for your specific research question.


Manuscript support

The data achieved by visual or digital tissue analysis needs to be summarized, processed and put into context. Statistical analysis needs to be performed in a proper and transparent way to enable decent publication in peer reviewed journals.

We offer support with data and statistical analysis and figure preparation for your publication.

We can help you to address pathology-related questions or concerns reviewers may raise.


Bioinformatics support

We also provide bioinformatics support beyond the tissue-related data analysis. Our offer includes (but is not limited to):

  • R, Python and Bash scripting
  • Data analysis from Ion Torrent and Illumina (MiSeq & NextSeq)
  • Development of diagnostic Pipelines from NGS raw data to tertiary analysis
  • Coverages reports, variant calling and variant annotation